How to choose bread crumbs


Fried food tastes crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and is believed to be favored by many consumers. We all use bread crumbs when making fried food. Although its price is relatively cheap, the fried food tastes quite good. So, what are bread crumbs made of?

1. What is bread crumbs made of?

Bread crumbs are mainly made from toast bread. Bread crumbs are widely used, not only for fried chicken, but also for fried fish, fried chicken wings, fried prawns, fried onion rings and so on. The food made with bread crumbs is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, very delicious and deeply loved by people. Second, the purchase method of bread crumbs

1. Look at the label
When buying bread crumbs, you should look at the labels on the products. Regular products will have names, ingredients, and product licenses, etc. These information are indispensable. In addition, when choosing bread crumbs, you must carefully observe the ingredient list. If there are additives in the ingredient list, then such bread crumbs are of poor quality and should not be purchased.

2. Look at the packaging
When buying bread crumbs, buy a good package, and also check whether the package is tight and easy to open. When choosing bread crumbs, try to choose the ones with sealing strips, which are better for preservation. Also, be sure to check the manufacturing date on the packaging to avoid buying expiring items.

3. Look at the appearance
When buying bread crumbs, you should buy bread crumbs with relatively uniform particles and less powder. Such bread crumbs will have better integrity and be more convenient to use.

4. Smell
Good quality bread crumbs will have a bread aroma, the taste will not be very pungent, and there will be no other strange smells. If the smell of bread crumbs is relatively strong, then do not buy it. Also, good quality bread crumbs are white in color, not yellow. Bread crumbs that are yellow in color may have crusts or coloring added during the making process.

Bread crumbs are a common food accessory, and the food made with it tastes great. When buying bread crumbs, go to regular channels to buy, and the quality of bread crumbs in some channels is difficult to guarantee. In addition, if the price is too low when choosing bread crumbs, you must check whether the product is expiring or there is a problem with the quality, so everyone must pay special attention when purchasing.


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