Crispy New Orleans Grilled Chicken


Every time I hear the word "roasted chicken", I can't help drooling and swallow it secretly.

Speaking of the first memory of roast chicken, it is probably the New Orleans roast chicken when I was a child. The store in the market that specializes in roast chicken, remember to always queue up to buy it. Every time I buy it home, it always tastes tender and delicious! Since I started baking, I no longer have to go out and buy roast chicken if I want to eat it. As long as you learn the following steps, you can easily make crispy and tender roast chicken at home!


1. The whole chicken must be marinated for enough time, otherwise it will be difficult to taste. If the time is not enough, it should be marinated for at least 4 hours, and it should be turned over in the middle to make it more delicious.

2. Before roasting, be sure to absorb the excess marinade and moisture inside and outside the whole chicken, and let the skin dry before putting it in the oven for a while, which is the key to the crispy skin of the roast chicken.

3. Using the roast chicken mode of the steam oven, the hot air forces the excess fat out, making the skin of the roast chicken very crispy, the chicken tender and juicy, and the taste is great!

4. The baking time is for reference only, and it can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the whole chicken and the degree of tenderness of each individual preference.


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